Sunday, 24 April 2016

Automobile Accident-THE Dos and Don’ts

One of the most common reasons for human casualty is automobile accidents. Automobile accidents are caused by the fault of the driver, or the pedestrian, or sometimes, because of both. It is a terrible way to get injured. Automobile accidents were responsible for around 40,000 deaths in the USA alone, in one year. That averages to around 95 people per day. So one can see how grave a matter automobile accident is.

However, automobile accidents are also almost most often caused because of carelessness. Forgetting to turn on or turn off blinkers, headlights and tail lights, over speeding, overtaking rashly, not wearing seat belts, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while talking on the phone or listening to too loud music etc. are some of the most common-but fatal-mistakes drivers often make. Pedestrians too try crossing when the lights are red or yellow, they jaywalk, and do not use the zebra crossing. These little mistakes seem little until the day an accident occurs. People make the mistake of forgetting the good old look-left-look-right-look-left-again golden rule of traffic safely that everybody was taught as children.

On the chance that an accident occurs while one is in the right and had followed all the traffic safety rules and regulations to the letter, one can seek legal advice and counsel. But one has to take some first basic steps. Just like the other auto accident attorney, Orlando attorneys too recommend these basic steps. The site must not be abandoned unless absolutely necessary. It is to be ensured that everybody is uninjured. If injured call 911. The police are to be informed with all due details. It is advisable that there is no conversation between the accidentals without the presence of the police and legal counsel who can advise one on the best possible course of action. And the insurance company is to be notified. These basic rules by accident attorney, Orlando must be followed.

But as is said, prevention is better than cure. So following the safety rules and regulations can go a long way in preventing an accident at all.

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