Monday, 29 February 2016

What Are The Ways A Car Injury Attorney Can Help You?

Let’s face the truth. An automobile accident can destroy or change your life forever. If the debilitating injuries you have suffered weren’t enough, there is always the fight over insurance claims that make things harder. With mounting medical bills that you have to pay in case you fail to win an insurance claim, life can quickly turn chaotic. If you are resident of Orlando, fighting a car injury case can get complicated since Florida has strict no-fault rules. The safest bet would be to seek help from a lawyer who specializes in accident cases and claims, so he can help you get the maximum compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

If you are seeking a car injury attorney Orlando is a good place to find legal help. These experts can help you defend your case with care and knowledge. Typically an auto accident lawyer in Orlando will help represent your case in a no-fault claim, find evidence for a court case in case your insurance company does pay out your claim, and finally help you claim the damages from the person responsible for your situation. But till you get yourself a lawyer, here are the things to keep in mind, if you ever get involved in an accident.

What to do just after an accident?

With every passing day, the number of automobiles on the road is increasing at an alarming rate. And there are more instances of reckless driving now, than ever. Accidents can happen anytime due to speeding, drunk driving, eating, talking over phone or texting, or even because of a sleepy driver.

Whatever may be the reason, here are some steps to follow if you unfortunately experience an accident. Remember these pointers even before contacting an auto accident attorney. Orlando law firms especially advise these measures to enhance the ease of handling a case.

•    Stop immediately if you meet with a mishap and note down the time of accident. Stay inside your car if required and turn on the headlights, particularly if it is dark or foggy.

•    If anyone in your car or the other car is injured or there is any damage to the vehicles, call the police. Remember that it is often necessary to file a complaint before you can submit any compensation claim.

•    Be very careful while physically moving someone in an emergency situation. Or else you may be charged with improper handling. Don’t move your car from the scene of accident unless you are blocking the traffic, or there is some other danger, or law enforcers request you. Also, don’t leave the spot to avoid incurring criminal penalties.

•    In case you hit a vehicle without anyone inside, leave a note mentioning your name, address and license plate number. And report the incident to the police.

•    After an accident, if the police officers fail to obtain all the necessary information, then here is what you should do. Get the name and address of the driver, car owner, passengers and their basic insurance information. Note the license plate numbers of the automobiles involved. Also obtain the basic contact details of the bystanders who witnessed the accident.

•    Taking photographs of any damage to your car or any visible physical injury can help during an insurance claim.

•    Avoid admitting guilt when you are not sure and don’t say that you are feeling alright after the accident. Many injuries become evident after some time has elapsed, but not immediately.

•    Inform the police and the doctors about the details of the accident without any guesswork. Provide your statement in writing, so that no one can deny it later on.

•    Irrespective of who is at fault; inform your car insurance about the accident without delay. Submit a written statement only after consulting your attorney.

•    Get in touch with a doctor right after the accident, so that any possible injuries can be noted and treated on time.

A final word

Cooperate with your auto accident attorney and disclose everything about the incident truthfully. Follow his advice sincerely for the best possible outcome of the situation.

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